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What are we gazing at today, my dear ones?

WaPo, can we get some extra pixels on that headline?

Historic trial of Trump begins



How will the Senate get away with its sham trial now? -- Dahlia Lithwick in Slate

'It was like a breeding ground': Trump hotel's mix of GOP insiders and hangers-on helped give rise to impeachment episodes (WaPo)

Of course she did: "Education Secretary Betsy DeVos spent two years trying to delay and then scuttle an Obama-era update of a 1995 law that gave the Education Department authority to cancel the federal debt of students whose colleges misled them about graduation or job placement rates." -- House votes to overturn Trump rule that makes loan forgiveness harder; Senate fight looms, WaPo

Of course they are: Justice Dept. Investigating Years-Old Leaks and Appears Focused on Comey. -- NYT

Donald Trump is a very godly man who has a whole bunch of new "religious freedom" (for Christians) rules, because he is very concerned about that for sure. (WaPo)

Two pieces on the Warren Sanders Handshake Ker-floof: Virginia Heffernan is a touch testy about the sexisms (LA Times); Britney Cooper in Time would like to know, after 245 years of man presidents, when exactly it was we achieved a post-gender nation? Wait, no, three, because here comes Traister.

Voting is a privilege!

"[F]or 2020, DNC Chair Tom Perez abandoned the committee's traditional role of, well, rigging the system and steering the party. And it instead created a system someone else could rig — if they thought about the primary process more in terms of arbitrage than persuasion." -- Ben Smith at Buzzfeed, What The Hell Is Tom Steyer Doing On That Debate Stage?

The New Republic: The Silicon Valley Economy Is Here And It's A Nightmare.

What did you do with YOUR $32 billion? Trump Tax Cut Hands $32 Billion Windfall to America's Top Banks (Bloomberg)

OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS, I almost forgot! The guy who took all our ad slots for three months in early 2017, and then never paid us, and I cried, just paid us $10,522. AND TWENTY THREE CENTS -- because some idiots just funded his new Bitcoin thing. Should I pay: our business credit card consolidation loan; nothing and save it for payroll in case you fuckers stop giving us money; one-ninth of our remaining student loans; some hoteliers in Mexico? Vote below!

(We actually are going to Mexico in just six weeks, and are staying in a beach hotel and not working for two whole nights on my birthday, before we beat feet to our friends' house and work from there for a couple of weeks. But that's not a business expense so it comes out of "my salary" even though I racked my brain for "can it be journalism?" My brain assured me the answer was "no.")

OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS ALSO! He wanted to know if I wanted to run his ads again. Can you imagine what it must be like to be a man?

Why Can't Men Just Say I'm Sorry? I tricked you, it was about the Warren/Sanders again! (Sady Doyle in Dame)

*CLICK, NYT. CLICK.* Why Did I Let a Convicted War Criminal Practice Energy Healing on Me?

Don't do that: Homeowners association wants to kick out orphaned 15-year-old living with his grandparents -- WaPo

Who wants to go see the Nancy Pelosi play The Adult in the Room, in Chicago? Everyone? Should I spend $10,522 on "go to Chicago"? Thought so.

What's the newest sustainable building material? Oh, it is wood!

What's the newest most unpopular senator? Oh, it is Susan Collins!

I think this might be literally the first story I have seen saying impeachment is a danger for Republicans instead of Dems. Morning Consult: Impeachment Trial Set to Put Vulnerable Senate Republicans in a Familiar Bind. That can't be right!

For everyone arguing in the comments yesterday about whether Warren can in fact begin to cancel student debt through executive action, Vox splains you. The answer is "it's complicated" and "MAYBE!"

Trigger warning for alllll of it: "MADRID — The first time her husband hit her, Ana Orantes Ruiz worried that the bones in her face had been broken. They were newlyweds, and she and her husband were living with his parents. They heard her screaming, and her father-in-law rushed into the room and hit his son.

"Orantes told her father-in-law that she had no idea why her husband had hit her, but she felt guilty and apologized; her husband responded by spitting in her face." -- The NYT's obit for Ruiz in "Overlooked[,] a series of obituaries about remarkable people whose deaths, beginning in 1851, went unreported in The Times."

Holy wow! Click through to see the whole thread of "too much handsome in one place."

Oh damn, Rep. Ayanna Pressley is bald with alopecia, and she looks fucking beautiful!

Mediaite says this lady's NYT recipes are TOO GOOD. I would not know, because the New York Times treats its food section like health insurers treat your eyes and your mouth. It's extra, bitch!

Did I say six weeks? Five and a half weeks to go.

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