Bloggers Seek to Mock Bigger, Richer Loser in Person

kfedlogo.jpgLocal blogger circumlocutor recently learned that noted celebrity husband Keven Federline is, apparently, available for rent. The natural response to that news: a fundraiser, to bring Keven Federline to our fair city. Why? We're not sure. But hell, we'll sign up. Nothing else to do, right?

circumlocutor has launched (the) "Federate K-Fed" campaign...with the goal of renting Mr. Britney Spears for an evening on the town (in the) capital of our K-Fed(eral) government. Specific details on the evening (are) forthcoming...The "traveling" party will include stops at K-Fed(eral) monuments, K-Fed(eral) buildings, the K-Fed(eral) Triangle Metro station & a (wrap-up) K-Fed(eration) celebration at a (TBD) 17th Street (NW) dive bar.

Count us in! For, uh, promoting it. Not for donating. Or attending, should it come to fruition.

Federate K-Fed: Rent Federline for DC [circumlocutor]


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