We said we would.

Wolf Blitzer may think "Ice cream is a nonpartisan treat," but just try finding some of Star-Spangled Ice Cream's "Smaller Governmint" or "Gun Nut" at Whole Foods. [WT]

Speaking of flavors that put us off: Those summering at Rehoboth can sample both bacon and barbeque sauce ice cream. [WP]

"Rose ice cream, made with ayurvedic preserved rose petals," is made by healer-chef Susan Soorenko in McLean. [Examiner]

Town council election in New York State turns on a cone, candidate campaigns on loosening ticketing "so Mr. Ding-A-Ling's music can continue to be heard in town." Rove totally kicking himself. [Utica OD]

Still sells very well. [Reuters]


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