'Blue Dogs' Are Worst Invention Since Pepsi Clear

  • Surprise, surprise: Blue Dog Democrats, the ones stalling healthcare legislation, whore around 25% more with the health insurance industry than other Democrats. [Washington Post]
  • The "cash for clunkers" auto rebate program, the one that was supposed to last through November, may have exhausted its supply of money in a week. [New York Times]
  • Now that the famous "Beer Summit" is finally owner, perhaps our major news organizations can get back to reporting on, what's it called, NEWS. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Don't expect great news out of today's GDP report -- expect slightly less horrible news. [MSNBC]
  • Speaking of conservative Democrats who are invited to feast on a bag of hot salted rat genitals -- everybody say hi to Max Baucus, who isn't sure how he'll be voting on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. [The Hill]
  • Homeless shelters' newest residents: babies. [Los Angeles Times]

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