BOAT HEROES Doing More Heroics, In Houston, In Boats!

Now as long as Barbara Bush doesn't say they've got it pretty good...

Donald Trump has headed to Texas so he can live out another of those Tweets from the past that persist in coming back to dog him:

But we're not here to talk about that, or Melania's flood-appropriate stiletto heels, either (Message: I'm Not Even Pretending I Care). No, we're here to now praise excellent ordinary people who are just out there getting muddy and wet and helping, because that's what you do, as that puddle-standing guy reminded us yesterday, while also reminding us what a president sounds like:

So let's salute some folks who are just out there making the wet watery wasteland a little bit better for their neighbors. We honestly don't care who any of the people in these stories voted for. We only care that they're helping right now.

You Won't BELIEVE This Furniture King's Amazing Deals On Free Shelter!!

Jim McIngvale, owner of Gallery Furniture in Houston, has opened up his two furniture stores to house people seeking shelter from the storm. Again! After Katrina, he took in people who had fled New Orleans, and now he's letting people from his own city park themselves on his couches, beds, and dinette sets as long as they need some temporary shelter. He told CNN's Alysin Camerota he's putting up 360 people in one store, and about 400 in the other, adding, "So we've got lots of people displaced from the horrible flooding and we're thrilled to have them."

Was there a bad reporter? There was. He narced out "looters." AT A GROCERY STORE. Let's get back to good people of goodness instead.

For instance, there's Gloria Quintanilla, 60, whom a New York Times reporter found walking down a flooded street after wading a mile through the flood to get to her $10-an-hour job at a hotel, where she works ironing and folding sheets:

“I worked at the hotel up there,” she said when a reporter approached. As she walked, she explained that she was an immigrant from El Salvador, here since 1982. She makes $10 an hour washing and ironing sheets and towels at the Doubletree.

She had started the journey from home more than an hour before.

“It was my day to work, and I’m a very responsible person,” she said, speaking in Spanish. “I had no idea it was going to be like this.”

We'd say she's one of our best, and we hope she gets a few days off. With pay.

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