Bob Barr On Target To Ruin John McCain's Life

Bob Barrlooks like Reverend Jeremiah Wright and will probably cost John McCain the election, and for these two reasons alone Barack Obama makes love to Bob Barr's voodoo doll in his hyperbaric Hope chamber every night. You see, 6% of Zogby poll respondents said they would vote for the Libertarian candidate for president, and this is the exact size of the margin Obama leads by. Score one for Liberty!

As time goes on, conservatives will probably figure out they are better off voting for Old Loser McCain than Hopeless Cause Barr, but history tells us that the Libertarian only needs the votes of a couple hundred old ladies in Palm Beach County in order to hand over the election to ... Nader.

Zogby Poll: Building Mo-bama! Democrat Leads McCain in Electoral College Tally, 273-160 [Zogby International]


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