Bob Barr Running For Libertarian President; Paultards Plan St. Paul Siege

Here's another reason for Hillary to drop out: Bob Barr, the one-time Republican congressman who started the impeachment of Bill Clinton, just announced he's running as the Libertarian presidential candidate this year, against John McCain. With no actual Republican supporters, McCain is now scheduled to lose the nomination (to Ron Paul) during the Republican National Convention in Minnesota. Wait, what?

Barr just appeared at the National Press Club, probably with Jeremiah Wright and the Disclosure Project, to announce his presidential bid. The Libertarian Party's convention is next week, and the Libertards will probably choose Barr because a) some people have heard of him, b) Ron Paul isn't running as a Libertarian this time, and c) Hitlery-care.

And even the Republican power-brokers who sort of asked him not to run because it will only hurt McCain don't really care, according to the Washington Times:

"In the month since we formed our exploratory committee, not a single Republican who has spoken with me to try and convince me not to seek the Libertarian nomination has disagreed with my reasons for considering a run," Mr. Barr told The Times yesterday in an e-mail exchange before leaving London on a flight to Atlanta.

Most Republicans who asked him not to run "also said they understand why I'd run and why John McCain is not conservative and will not seriously tackle the growth in government power and spending," he said. "Some said they would vote for me if I ran, but for the sake of the Republican Party, they would prefer I didn't."

In other words, "Whatever, it's not like Walnuts is going to win."

Meanwhile, Ron Paul's funny fans have not given up. Emboldened by the wacky chaos they caused at the Nevada GOP convention last month, now they're planning to destroy the national Republican convention in St. Paul in September. Combined with the 550+ delegates held by Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee, the Angry Ron Paul faction will -- at the least -- make an embarrassing shambles of McCain's nomination.

Poor old John is getting less than 75% of the vote these days in a primary he supposedly won months ago. This is because conservatives hate him, because he is a phony Mexican-loving elitist liberal.

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