Bob Bennett Still Literally Considering Running As Write-In Candidate

Bob Bennett Still Literally Considering Running As Write-In Candidate

After elderly ultra-conservative right-wing extremist monster Utah Sen. Bob Bennett recentlylost his party's nomination, for being too liberal, he was entertaining the idea of a write-in campaign for November. "Ha ha ha Bob Bennett," everyone said, because come on. Write-in campaign for the U.S. Senate! WHO IS THIS GUY? But if thinking such cute thoughts for a day or two helped him get over his shocking, shocking loss to the Club for Growth, people were willing to tolerate it. Now, however, he's saying that he still may do this and will announce his Decision tomorrow.

Sen. Bob Bennett, kicked off the ballot this month at Utah's Republican convention, could make a decision about whether to seek a fourth-term as a write-in candidate as early as tomorrow, Bennett tells USA TODAY.

Asked in an interview whether he would pursue the write-in route, Bennett offered his standard line: "Once I make that decision, you'll be the second to know," he said. But Bennett, 76, then added, "Stay tuned tomorrow." Asked if that meant he would announce his decision tomorrow, Bennett repeated, "Stay tuned tomorrow."

Jesus, Bennett, some people have better things to do tomorrow. Do you want a camera to show up or not? Throw 'em a bone.

The only reason anyone votes in this country is because you don't have to write anything. You just check a box somewhere and then steal all of your polling place's complimentary muffins and bagels. Does Bob Bennett really think that people from the same state that voted against Bob Bennett for being too liberal are literate/caring enough to write out his entire name in such great volume that he would win? Showing up for that would take at least a tray of like... club sandwiches... or whatever's fancy these days. Potatoes filled with bacon.

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