Bob Ney Says Goodbye to His Friends in Low Places

Bob Ney, America's Greatest Tragic Hero, is off to the Federal Pen today. Yesterday, presumably over a half-empty Jim Beam decanter, he poured his heart out into one last, teary MySpace bulletin to those who've stood behind him in this trying times.

as garth brooks said in his song the dance:

and now i'm glad i didn't know
the way it all would end, the way it all would go
our lives are better left to chance,
i could have missed the pain,
but i'd have had to miss, the dance

my family and my life is starting new, thanks for being part of it.

god bless,

bob ney

Now we bid adieu to the nation's first 14-year-old girl congressman, stuck in a world he didn't create, sent to prison for the crime of caring too much.

Thanks for the add, Representative Ney. Thanks, old friend, for the add.

Channeling Garth Brooks, Ney sends farewell e-mail [The Hill]

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