Bob Schieffer Book Party: CBS Demo Not So Young Maybe After All

Someone forgot to put us on the list for Bob Schieffer's book party last night; we were going to just forge an invite and then we remembered it was Bob Schieffer's book party. We just snuck in with all the other half-dressed groupies.

The party was at the swanky Blue Gin bar. There was a red carpet and a camera crew documenting the entrance of, uhm, a bunch of well-dressed older folks. It started at 5PM, all the better to make the early bird special at Denny's. (We totally thought CSI had changed the CBS demo.)

Dan Rather was in the house, making the rounds and avoiding the large, superscript elephant standing in the middle of the room.

Schieffer gave a little talk and had all the people there who had worked on Face the Nation up with him to help plug the book, entitled "Face the Nation" (Guess "The Book About My TV Show" was taken.) Among those thanked -- CNBC's Gloria Borger and, of course, Rathergate co-conspirator Andrew Hayward. There was an amusing story about someone calling Muhammad Ali a "son of a bitch." In the crowd, famous for D.C.ers were more recognizable than usual, as they were almost all from TVland: CNN's Ed Henry, Mark Shields, Fox News' Chris Wallace. . . It was probably the city's largest concentration of straight men who regularly wear make-up. Tim Russert showed up toward the end, dressed in khakis and drinking a Heineken. We would have liked to party with Big Russ (not to mention Little Russ), but we were late to dinner.


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