Bobbleheads Gave Me Cancer!

arnoldbobble.jpgIf there's ever been an uglier story about political swag than this, I'd like to see it. The Bosley family, owners of bobblehead-makers Ohio Discount Merchandise, are being sued for allegedly stiffing a partner and keeping fast-selling political bobbleheads off the shelves. This in turn "caused important cancer research to be canceled," according to the aggrieved marketer/designer (it's not clear what).

And there's another political angle.

The accusations against Todd Bosley are potential fodder for political opponents. But he said the case is merely a business dispute and has nothing to do with his run for county commissioner this fall against Republican incumbent Richard Regula.

"This will give people in Stark County a little bit of insight to my character,'' he said about the legal dispute.

At least he's not paying drug addicts to screw the heads on.

Charges go back, forth in bobblehead doll case [Akron Beacon-Journal]

-- David Weigel


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