• The entire Western Hemisphere is unemployed but surprise surprise, the U.S. Senate is too busy playing grab-ass with hott celebs to even feign interest. [The Caucus]

  • Matt published super-private emails sent to him by Jonathan Strong, of Daily Caller JournoList muckraking fame. And now everyone knows Jonathan Strong's secret phone number, so dial those digits and ask him out on a date. [Matt Yglesias]

  • Bobby Jindal insists that Louisiana does not need BP's money. Uh, it does, Bobby. It really does. [RedState]

  • In other Louisiana news: Catholic bishops insist that Louisianians do not need to bring their guns up to the altar when receiving Holy Communion. Uh, they do, Catholic bishops. They really do. [Think Progress]

  • LeBron James decided to play sports with the Miami Heat because H&R Block told him he would save a whole bunch on state and local taxes by moving to Florida. [Weekly Standard]


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