Bobby Jindal Enrages Volcano Monitoring People By Mocking Volcano Monitoring People


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Bobby Jindal's speechwriters, they are Gods. Check out this little one-two he pulled on the Democrats. See, he sets it up all good-like by saying that the stimulus package included "$140 million for something called 'volcano monitoring,'" like wtf is that right, and then KA-CHING: "Instead of monitoring volcanoes, what Congress should be monitoring is the eruption of spending in Washington, D.C." Get this guy a Washington Post column! He'd fit right in, because everyone already despises him.

The liberal scientists are furious:

While the claim was factually inaccurate (the $140 million will go to the US Geological Survey, of which volcanic research is only a part), scientists are also decrying Jindal's comments as a blast of hot volcanic air.

“Apparently the governor of Louisiana doesn't remember any of the major volcanic eruptions in recent history,” said a professor of geology at Yale University who has studied volcanoes around the world, Mark Brandon. “Volcanic monitoring right now is absolutely essential for protecting lives and property. The amount of money invested compared to the amount of money returned is trivial. It's not just some hobby—if the governor were in a volcanic eruption he'd realize that the people who do that work are very useful in protecting you from direct hazards.”

Oooh, well aren't you smart, Mr. Yaleypants, what with your Yale teachy job in the fancy sciences. If you love volcanoes so much, why don't you gay-marry them? AT YALE? For the rest of us *serious* folk, however, it's quite clear that those volcanoes will be less likely to erupt if we just give everyone a capital gains tax cut.

Jindal's Eruption of Hot Gas [Daily Beast]


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