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Our favorite young gadget geek Ahmed Mohamed, that dangerous 14-year-old Texan clock terrorist,* got a mention in the Kids Table Debate Wednesday night. CNN's Jake Tapper asked Bobby Jindal, "Throughout your campaign you've spoken many times about Muslim extremists in this country. How would you as president strike a balance between vigilance and discrimination?" Hey, a civil liberties in time of war question, great! We thought he was going to ask if any of the GOP guys would let Muslims into their administration's White House Science/Creationism Fair.

Jindal got right to the balance between vigilance and individual rights, in his own very special way:

JINDAL: We don't discriminate against anybody ... the way you strike that balance, you say to Muslim leaders: "You've got two responsibilities. It's not enough to denounce just simply generic acts of violence, they've got to denounce the individuals by name, and say 'these are not martyrs, these terrorists are not martyrs, they're going straight to hell and aren't going to enjoy a reward in the afterlife.'"

Second: They have to embrace the same freedoms for everybody else they want for themselves. Look, I know it's politically incorrect to say this. The president says that Ft. Hood was an issue of workplace violence [Ed. Note: HE DID NOT]. We're at war with radical Islam. Our president goes to the National Prayer Breakfast, brings up the Crusades, criticizes Christians, we're at war with radical Islamic extremists, and it's not politically correct to say this, but the way to strike that balance is to say to Muslim leaders, denounce these fools, these radical terrorists, say they're not martyrs.

TAPPER: Governor Jindal, I'm afraid you didn't answer the question. How do you strike the balance between vigilance and discrimination? Obviously we know how you feel about the vigilance part of this; do you ever see the discrimination part of it?

JINDAL: Sure, I don't think a 14-year-old should EVER be arrested for bringing a clock to school. So, are you asking me am I glad he was released? I'm glad that police are careful. I'm glad they're worried about security and safety issues. Look, in America we don't tolerate -- but right now, the biggest discrimination that's going on is against Christian business owners and individuals who believe in traditional forms of marriage. [Applause.] They're throwing this woman in jail in Kentucky? Let's talk about that! Let's talk about the Christian florists, the caterers, the musicians, who simply want to say don't arrest us, or don't discriminate against us, don't shut down our businesses, don't fine us thousands of dollars for believing marriage is between a man and a woman. Let's talk about not discriminating against Christians!

And then Lindsey Graham got his turn:

You know, Kim Davis, I'm not worried about her attacking me. I am worried about radical Islamic terrorists who are already here, planning another 9/11. We're at war, folks, I'm not fighting a crime. I want to have a legal system that understands the difference between fighting a war and fighting a crime, and here is the reality: Young men from the Middle East are different than Kim Davis, and we've got to understand that.

So we guess Ahmed shouldn't be expecting any White House invite from Lindsey Graham, and should probably be thanking his lucky stars that he isn't already being waterboarded in Gitmo.

* You know what other Texan did terror from a clock? Too soon?

Doktor Zoom

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