Bobby Jindal Suggests Everyone Stop Spending Money On Preventing Natural Disasters. He Seriously Does This Thing.


  • In a statement that's positive never to come back and haunt him, child ironist Bobby Jindal said he doesn't think the government should be spending so much money monitoring possible natural disasters. [Top of the Ticket]
  • Virginia Democrats will win the governorship by choosing to run against Sarah Palin. [CNN Political Ticker]
  • This endless Minnesota to-do with Norm Macdonald and Lorne Michaels is disheartening to the local young lizard people, who are now doubting their own place within democracy. Sad times! [The Caucus]
  • The Red Cross' report on all of America's famous recent torture has leaked. [Daily Dish]
  • Throwy Journalist, he who tossed of loaferfull of misguided vigilantism at Bush, will be released from jail in just one year now, instead of three. [Gawker]

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