Bodyguard For 'Alt-Right' Moron Stabbed In Brawl By 'Armenian Gangsters' Who Hate White Dudes. Sure.

A white power dude lying? Inthinkable!

There's this tough guy named Tim Gionet, see? Posts on Twitter as "Baked Alaska." He's the mug who was given the heave-ho from the big pre-inauguration DeploraBall for being too openly Nazi-like for the taste of fascist-lite yegg Mike Cernovich. He's a big cheese in the small world of basement-dwelling anime fapping cake-sniffers in the "alt-right." So this Gionet character says his bodyguard, Antonio Foreman, got in a scrape and was the victim of an anti-white, anti Trump "hate crime" Saturday night, when Foreman was stabbed after an argument with two skels in a parking garage. The toughs who got braceleted, Edgar Khodzhasaryan and Arsen Bekverdyan, are cooling their heels on charges of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon, but the coppers aren't buying the hate crime claims.

On Twitter, Gionet -- who didn't see the hit -- claimed the attackers were a whole "pack of dudes" who called Foreman terrible ethnic slurs:

Gionet also claimed that an LAPD dick had told him that the very last thing the Bruno heard before he conked out was "You're getting the shank, White Boy," and that the white-hating bad guys were Armenians:

Yeah, Armenian thugs who hate whites, even though Armenians consider themselves white. It don't figure, you ask us.

The newshawks say the flatfoots won't give Baked Alaska the time of day:

Prosecutors did not file a hate crime enhancement with the charges, [LA District Attorney's office spokesperson Sarah] Ardalani said. Lt. Saul Rodriguez, a Santa Monica Police Department spokesman, said the attack was spurred by an argument.

“There’s nothing here that would lead us to believe it was targeted or a hate crime or anything like that,” Rodriguez said.

Here's how the rumble happened, sez Rodriguez:

Khodzhasaryan and Bekverdyan were exiting the parking structure and attempting to call for a parking attendant to help them operate the gate around 11 p.m. on Saturday when the victim “made a comment to the suspects which led to an argument,” Rodriguez said.

All three men exited their vehicles and a fistfight erupted, Rodriguez said. The suspects fled a short time later, and the victim realized he had been stabbed, according to Rodriguez. The victim, whom Rodriguez would not identify, was transported to an area hospital in critical condition.

Sounds to us like Foreman's mouth was writin' checks his body couldn't cash, you get our drift. We're just glad none of these goons was carryin' heaters, or it coulda gotten ugly.

No big surprise, the Stupidest Blog on the Internet initially called the palookas "Armenian gang members." That load of hooey is now gone (it's still in the URL) but not before it was snapped by Tariq Rashid on the Twitter box. Rashid said the scribblers at the Gateway Pundit don't know beans about LA gangs, either:

So maybe instead of almost taking a dirt nap because he was just a nice white guy minding his own business when Armenian hatchet men tried to put the kibosh on him, it's looking like Foreman got a visit to the sawbones because he opened his big yap when it wasn't his turn to open his big yap. Baked Alaska saw all the positive ink Steve Scalise was getting from being shot, and he wanted a piece of the action. But it's not a hate crime, just another sad story, one of a million in the naked city.

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