BoiFromTroy/Wonkette Honorariest Homo Poll Winner

The Honorariest gay-seeming Bushie is dark-horse candidate John Derbyshire, who came from way behind but finished easily. In explaining his victory, we will, for once, leave the buggery references to someone else:

    Has there ever been a human society at any civilizational level in which (a) "egalitarian" — that is, adult with adult — male homosexuality has been an approved social norm, or (b) male-male buggery has been acceptable behavior with no taint of immorality? So far as I have ever been able to ascertain, the answer to both parts of the question is "No." [NRO]

    Surely one factor in the rise of prison rape--which I feel sure was wellnigh unknown a generation ago--has been the striking down of the very strong social taboo on male-male buggery. [NRO]

    There is a faction of us here at National Review nursing a reactionary fondness for strong old English words to describe the human condition in all its variations and subtleties. We have, for example, a marked tendency to say "bastardy" instead of "illegitimacy," and "buggery" for the thing that male homosexuals like to do with each other. [NRO]

Hey, Derb: A rose is a rose is a rose. . .

BoiFromTroy/Wonkette Honorariest Homo Poll Winner [Boi from Troy]


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