Bombs And Bomber Jackets

  • President Obama made a surprise visit to Afghanistan, where he checked to see if President Karzai had really cleaned his room or just shoved all his junk under his bed. Then Obama put on a leather jacket and wowed scores of troops with his winning Sarah Palin impersonation. [Washington Post]
  • The Moscow Metro has been bombed again, presumably by the Chechen Black Widows who go around bombing Russian things. [BBC News]
  • In other "sad things following explosions" news, a sunken South Korean naval ship appears to have no survivors onboard. [AP]
  • Delicious foods are basically just legalized crack and heroin, in terms of what they do to your brain. [CNN]
  • Insurance companies may still not have to cover little children with terrible health problems, because ... it would just be so ruinous to their image if they demonstrated any fucking humanity whatsoever? [New York Times]

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