We mentioned a little while ago that George Kent, a State Department deputy assistant secretary, is in Congress right now spilling his guts about all of the Trump/Giuliani crimes on Ukraine, and the State Department's involvement in like such as. And we got a leak!


Then why did KEN VOGEL write a breathlessly BULLSHIT story in the NEW YORK TIMES about the fake-ass UKRAINIUM ONE non-scandal in MAY, which was debunked almost immediately by BLOOMBERG, and which literally admitted in its 19TH PARAGRAPH that there was no THERE there, if GEORGE KENT was telling PEOPLE in the STATE DEPARTMENT as far back as MARCH that RUDY GIULIANI was doing a DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN to smear JOE BIDEN that was coincidentally the SAME SMEAR that KEN VOGEL wrote UP in the NEW YORK TIMES? You'd think that shit might not make it past an EDITOR, or that maybe KEN VOGEL might need to cultivate some new SOURCES who aren't DUMBFUCKS.

We are just ASKING, because it's almost like KEN VOGEL thought this BULLSHIT STORY was going to turn him into a REAL REPORTER, but instead he just came off like a NEW YORK TIMES CLINTON FOUNDATION REPORTER doing BATH SALTS with METH FROSTING in the TUB with RUDY GIULIANI like some kind of an IDIOT.

And THAT is what WONKETTE has to say about THAT.

Have an OPEN THREAD, and we'll be BACK for the DEBATE, we fucking GUESS.

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