Bombshell: Fox News Hit With Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Wait THAT Can't Be Right!

Bombshell: Fox News Hit With Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Wait THAT Can't Be Right!

Fox News is a cesspool of racism and sexual misconduct. Peddling bigotry is how the network affords to settle its many sexual harassment complaints. It's a business model based in the concept of a serpent eating its own tail. Just as the movie Bombshell arrives in theaters, Fox is hit with yet another harassment suit. This one is from Britt McHenry, host of the Fox Nation show "Un-PC," but we're not doing the whole "live by the sword, cut the dickens out of your finger with the sword." No one deserves to be sexual harassed, even if they willingly choose to work at the International House of Grossness that's Fox News.

McHenry accused her former co-host, Tyrus, of harassing her early this year. Tyrus's real name is George Murdoch, but he's not related to Fox bigwig Rupert Murdoch, which would be hilarious. Tyrus reportedly sent McHenry "unwanted and unsolicited text messages with lewd, sexual comments" (these are almost always unwanted and unsolicited). Fox's response was consistent with an organization that has ignored all sexual harassment legislation and HR policies from the past 30 years. The network gave Tyrus his own show, "Nuff Said," and McHenry the professional cold shoulder. That's retaliation, and it's illegal.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

McHenry says that Fox News responded to her complaints against Tyrus by "refusing to investigate some of her claims, shunning her, shutting her out of company events, and refusing to allow her on Fox News Channel shows. [...] When Ms. McHenry complained to Fox News Human Resources and management, Fox News asked what Ms. McHenry did to provoke her harasser."

McHenry filed a lawsuit against Fox News on Tuesday. In addition to Tyrus himself and an assortment of malignant Fox corporate growths, the suit names McHenry's Fox Nation boss, John Finley, executive producer Jennifer Rauchet, and human resources executive Monica Mekeel. They all suck. McHenry claims that when she reported Tyrus for the third time, Rauchet told her that she was "replaceable" and "Fox News never wanted her."

New show on Fox Nation covers politics, sports &

Fox insisted last month that it investigated this matter thoroughly and considered it "resolved."

"As we previously said, this matter was immediately and thoroughly investigated by an outside law firm charged with providing independent factual findings and recommendations for action based on the evidence," the network said in a statement. "All protocols were followed; the recommendations we received were appropriate and promptly implemented. Since then, we voluntarily engaged a second outside investigator to look at any additional evidence presented, and to review the first investigator's findings/recommendations in light of any evidence. Again, all protocols were followed and the second set of recommendations fully affirmed the first set."

Yeah, that was a lot of bullshit. It's inconceivable that any competent and "thorough" investigation would result in Tyrus's continued employment, even at a network that has a Tucker Carlson. The New York Post shared some of Tyrus's deranged stalker texts to McHenry, and they're disgusting. It's enough to put you off your food.

From November 2, 2018:

I love your legs // F–k them your beautiful I love that picture // Is it creepy how I look at you ??? // FYI you'll need those legs to escape from me in Montana // I please especially on your knees hotness.

On November 5, Tyrus allegedly sent this dick pick countdown text, as if he was hosting "New Year's Rocking Pervert's Eve."

I'll show you what it mean to be bad Brittany Mc Henry // D–k pic coming in 5 sec!!!!

Tyrus apparently sent the dick picks because he later straight-up threatens McHenry with more dick picks if she "keeps being negative." This is the sort of abuse that a Fox News HR whiz asked McHenry if she in any way "provoked." Unless she literally asked for a dick pick, which would've been unprofessional, she wasn't "asking for it." No one deserves this, even someone once caught on camera in full asshole.

ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry Suspended For Foul-Mouthed

McHenry states in her suit that she has experienced "tremendous anxiety, anguish, humiliation, and emotional distress." She's even become "physically ill" before going to work at Fox. Meanwhile, Tyrus continues hosting his own show on the Fox Nation streaming service.

Fox News fired Eric Bolling in 2017 for sending gross texts to women coworkers. You'd think HR would add a section about this in the employee handbook. It's absurd that this keeps going on and that a certain demo's continued need to have their cultural biases reinforced keeps Fox in business.

[The Hollywood Reporter/ The New York Post]

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