The Untold Truth Of 'Mr. Oreo'! Bonerlinks, Thurs., Aug. 26, 2021

The Untold Truth Of 'Mr. Oreo'! Bonerlinks, Thurs., Aug. 26, 2021

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador, I didn't tell her they are bonerlinks now.

I got a very important email, you guys, that required some action on my part!

Email screenshot: "paid article placement -"

That action is: calling all tabs bonerlinks FROM NOW ON.

Some of today's bonerlinks were pulled from your Monday morning "make your own tabs," which made me (sniff, sob) CRY WITH LOVE FOR YOU. OH GOD I AM SO PROUD OF ALL MY SEVENTY-YEAR-OLD CHILDREN.

AirBnB says it will host 20,000 refugees from Afghanistan at the company's expense. I don't hate AirBnB nearly as much as most of y'all. I loved hosting every person who ever visited Los Angeles from Australia! And it paid my rent the year I made twenty-five hundred dollars (really, for the year) working 16 to 18 hours a day on Wonkette and drunk-crying. That said, it still needs to fix "people buying 100 houses and making them all AirBnBs." (CNBC)

From April, an interesting letter from institutional investors demanding their nursing homes FIX THEIR SHIT. A friend points out this is possibly in anticipation of the $400 billion that may be pumped into home health care should Nancy Pelosi continue to defeat the army of tiny Mike Ditkas. — Kaiser Health News

New York Post such a bunch of fucking dicks, some more, again: Mask mandate edition. (CNN)

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul acknowledges 12,000 coronavirus deaths Andrew Cuomo creative-accountinged away. (He lied.) — AP

House Select Committee getting intooooo itttttt. Letter to FBI Director Chris Wray, request for production of documents. Demand for documents from Executive branch. And DHS, where they would like some comms involving Kash Patel :)

South Dakota AG gonna take a plea deal — to a misdemeanor traffic charge — from that little bitty time he killed a guy. (Dakota News Now) Here's the long version, from Tom Kludt at Vanity Fair.

Adam Kinzinger might not get no Congress seat because Illinois lost population :( — Politico

Building Trades Union imposes vax requirement on itself, YAY BUILDING TRADES! (The American Prospect)

Here for our reading displeasure is 145 pages of Kim Klacik v. Candace Owens. Damn, ladies. — Doc

Centenarian survivors of the Tulsa Race Massacre have been crowned as chiefs by Nigeria. (My Nigeria)

Reporters Without Borders built a virtual library in Minecraft so gamers can access banned books. That's pretty fucking smart AND cool. — DeZeen

Well holy shit, Ida Mayfield! Must read for old crazy millionairess. — GetPocket, originally from Smithsonian Mag

I love every one of these Zillows Gone Wild. (Bored Panda)

LAMB MEATBALLS. Because I joined the local CSA's meat program, and they sent me ground me lamb. — Delish

Now you know my favorite song too. Goodbye!

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