Bonnie And Clyde Facts That Historians Kept Quiet! Tabs, Mon., Oct. 18, 2021


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Ninety seconds of rage. A deep report on ... fuckin' A. Anyway, 1/6 bullshit, and the saints and kindly men who tried to kill the police. — New York Times

What does beautiful, brilliant, wise Kyrsten Sinema want? Five theories from Jonathan Chait! (New York mag)

Americans would like to tax the rich please. They would really really really like to. — Vox

Surprisingly, Texas has been one of the better states about disbursing it's pandemic renter relief funds. (COUGH LOS ANGELES AND ALSO MONTANA COUGH.) But people still fuck up ("human error") and even when applicants get the rent relief, it might go to the landlord and you and your disabled relatives still get evicted. (Texas Tribune)

It is a good thing this guy didn't have to pay the $54,000 he was charged for an out-of-network COVID test! It is pretty wack that his insurer had to pay $16,000 for it though. I wonder if there is something we can do about that. — KHN

QAnon influencer "Ghost Ezra" has a supercool criminal record, like grand theft and domestic violence, you are surprised! (Daily Dot)

Please don't get murdered on Facebook Marketplace! — ProPublica

More on the black flags flown by our neighbors who want to execute us. David Neiwert at Daily Kos.

Little person attacked by kids then beat up by Jefferson Parish cop. Jesus Christ, I am so sorry. Also, not watching that video. (ProPublica)

United Auto Workers John Deere strike fund! (Gofundme) (Yes, your comment will still be filtered if you comment "gofundme," y'all were posting too many fundraisers for yourselves, sorry.)

Here's some cute Halloween centerpieces and some stupid ones! We did number 14, on a cake plate. (You can scroll down the page instead of clicking slideshow.) — Better Homes and Gardens

Sure, fine, Bonnie and Clyde, but it's a slideshow, so I only read the first one. Maybe it's interesting! Who could say! (Upbeat News)

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