Bonus/Emergency Children's Treasury: Al & Tipper Gore Dressed As Sex Monsters

Whoa we were just stopping by MSNBC for a moment to watch the Israeli Ambassador lie about killing people again, and then what's her name, Alan Greenspan's wife, just cold started showing pictures of Al and Tipper Gore dressed up as sex monsters for orgies. What is going on here? Oh right, it was the 1980s. Will Allah ever forgive America for the 1980s? No, no she won't. B-) So, werewolves! We bet Al Gore boned the hell out of Tipper in this get-up! Ugh?

Here's the giant version, for your nightmares:

This was, who knows, let's say at a "White House Power-Dildo Orgy presided over by Nancy Reagan dressed as the Evil Queen from Snow White, Christmas Eve, 1992." LET'S SAY THAT.

And here's another Eyes Wide Shut outtake where Al dressed as a fuck-beast and Tipper dressed as a old-tyme whore:

And, well, that's the end of our puerile interest in this particular "Washington Gossip." Jesus fuck is there anything more depressing than "Washington Gossip"? Would anyone like to buy this website, right now? Plz paypal to K Layne, proprietor.


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