* Things are just peachy and great in Iraq, we might not even need to stay there that much longer. [NYT, WP]

* There was at least one dude that was like, "Hey, how about we don't fire the whole Iraqi army? [NYT]

* Democratic presidential candidates have a bad habit of taking dirty money. [WP]

* The fall will show whether or not the Democrats are any good at running the country. Bet you can guess where the smart money's going. [The Hill, [Roll Call, Politico]

* Not only are Republican candidates not gaining ground, most of them are losing it. [NYT]

* New book suggests that George was the real destructive force in the White House and maybe, just maybe, Karl wasn't as bad as we thought. [WP]

* Heey, well look what happens when you try a little diplomacy. [WT]


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