Boogaloo Boys Will Be Boogaloo Boys?: The Right Doesn't Seem Too Broken Up About Slain Cop Anymore

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On June 10th, Rep. Jim Jordan got up in front of Congress and gave a real cute little "both sides" speech about how police need to maybe not do things like murder black men like George Floyd, but also left-wing "rioters" need to not murder black cops like federal security guard Dave Patrick Underwood.

Charlie Kirk, president of Turning Point USA, was also deeply upset about the murder of Underwood "as a result of the riots against 'racial injustice.'" Which he put in quotes, on account of the fact that he does not believe that racial injustice exists.

There was one big problem with that though, and that is that it was discovered this week that Air Force Sgt. Steven Carrillo, the guy who (allegedly) killed Underwood (along with Sheriff Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller when police came to his house to arrest him), was in fact a far-right Boogaloo Boy. Carrillo, 32, and his getaway driver Robert Alvin Justus Jr, 30, had met in a Boogaloo group on Facebook and the pair had planned to use the George Floyd protests in Oakland as a cover to kill cops, have it blamed on "antifa," and get the race war of their dreams going.

Via the Washington Post:

Now, federal authorities say the man, identified as Air Force Staff Sgt. Steven Carrillo, 32, was an adherent of the "boogaloo boys," a growing online extremist movement that has sought to use peaceful protests against police brutality to spread fringe views and ignite a race war. Federal investigators allege that's exactly what Carrillo was trying to do last month.

Federal prosecutors on Tuesday charged Carrillo with murder and attempted murder, and leveled aiding and abetting charges against Robert Alvin Justus Jr., who has admitted to serving as a getaway driver during the courthouse ambush, according to the FBI. Protective Security Officer David Patrick Underwood was killed and a second officer, whom officials have not named, was critically wounded in the ambush. Inside the three vehicles Carrillo used, police found a boogaloo patch, ammunition, firearms, bombmaking equipment and three messages scrawled in blood: "I became unreasonable," "Boog" and "Stop the duopoly."

It will shock you to know that Jim Jordan and Charlie Kirk have not weighed on in this yet. They almost definitely will not weigh in on it in the future. More than likely, they will act as if it never happened.

This week, while the news about Carillo's true politics was breaking, the Right was far too busy being broken up over something else — a cop who did not get her McMuffin promptly, probably because the minimum-wage workers at McDonald's were poisoning it. Or because the Hamburgler is antifa.

The link above initially went to one of the Officer McMuffin videos that has since been deleted.

Carrillo and Justus are not the only "boogaloo boys" currently in trouble with the law. In April, 36-year-old Boogaloo Boy Aaron Swenson livestreamed his search for a police officer to kill, but was arrested before that could happen.

The Right was not too worked up about that either. In fact, the Blue Lives Matter crowd in general is not that upset about the Boogaloo Boys or their desire to kill cops in hopes of starting a race war. Republicans are not nearly as bothered by this as they are by the tearing down of Confederate statues. This is partially because the Boogaloo groups are very far right, but it's also because they do not present a threat to the hierarchy. They can be "lone wolves," they can be dismissed, because they're not going to upset the system in the same way tearing down a Confederate statue does. The Right loves to venerate police officers, but only as long as they are playing their prescribed role in the system — same as their great love for veterans and Gold Star families that only lasts so long as they don't do anything to upset Donald Trump.

The Right does not actually love cops. They love that the purpose of cops is to protect the rich from the poor, to protect white people from Black people. They like that this is the way things are and they like the idea of everyone just accepting that. It's when people don't accept that, when Black people start telling the cops what to do — and more importantly, when they have the power to affect change, that's when the Right gets scared. That's when they suddenly start screaming about how much they respect cops and want all of the cops to get their McMuffins with great promptness.

We know what it would look like if Carrillo and Justus were Black Lives Matter or "antifa" activists. We, in fact, saw what it looked like when the Right believed Carrillo and Justus were Black Lives Matter or "antifa" activists. If there were left-wing groups on Facebook plotting to kill cops the way right-wing groups are on Facebook plotting to kill cops, there would be near-constant sobbing and hysteria, the same way there is near constant sobbing and hysteria over all the non-existent cement milkshakes.

There isn't. And if that doesn't tell you what their priorities are, I don't know what will.

[Washington Post]

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