Border-Protest Idiots Make Rachel Maddow Shouty (Video)

In the midst of a longer segment on Our Dysfunctional House of Representatives on Tuesday, Rachel Maddow had this aside on the House's "compromise" for funding the overflow of Central American children in our immigration system: they offer a fraction of the original request, and 2/3 of the funds would be dedicated to increasing security at the border. Which isn't exactly needed, since in most cases, the children and families are walking right up to anyone in a Border Patrol uniform and turning themselves in. Says Maddow in disbelief, "Bolstering border security is utterly beside the point for this particular problem, but House Republicans are excited about it."

Then again, says Maddow, this is being pushed by the wing of the Republican Party whose base has been protesting the influx of Central American Children by organizing protests at various Mexican consulates. We love this clip because Rachel nearly loses it -- "The KIDS ARE NOT MEXICAN!" -- and for the studio crew laughter. Oh, Rachel. We identify with your frustration at the Stupid.

The entire segment, which looks at the broader dysfunction in the House, is below:

[Rachel Maddow Show]

Doktor Zoom

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