Well Good Morning to you, post-racial America! I hope you all are ready for this edition of "White Lady Harasses Hard Working Brown Person," because if you aren't, too bad. This is America, Jack, expect one of these nearly every day of the week and twice on Sundays (because Christian Nation), and also expect video because everybody has a smartphone. Even us dark folks, y'all. Technology is totally ruining America for the more covert warriors for racism. Nevertheless, that doesn't seem to stop actual overt Trump fans from cosplaying as Border Patrol agents when they want to harass US citizens who happen to be too brown to be left in peace. Because nothing says "Making America Great Again" better than random white folks acting extra ridiculous when it comes to targeting and profiling darker people who are doing absolutely nothing wrong. So, move aside BBQ Becky -- "Mexican Hating Martha" is dipping her entire body (not just a toe for this bodacious racist) into your racism pool!!!

Esteban Guzman, a US citizen, was minding his own GODDAMN business, as he and his mother were working very hard at a landscaping gig. All of a sudden, a wild unidentified MAGA racist came upon them from the brush, peering through beady little judgmental eyes while accusing them of malicious and dastardly deeds. Guzman and his mother already had enough shit to do that day, and were seriously not interested in being harassed by some rando white lady. Yet they had no choice but to engage because she refused to go away; she was on the prowl for some "Mexican Rapist Drug Dealers" and she would not take "leave me alone" for an answer. You make be asking yourself a very pertinent question like, "Who would be stupid enough to confront a violent rapist drug dealing landscaper?" which makes perfect sense because it would not be smart.

Kenidra Woods, a black teen activist, posted video showing a portion of that encounter on her Twitter thread where she discussed her upcoming anti-gun rally in St. Louis on June 30, 2018 (which St. Louis Wonkers should completely attend even though it is the same day as the immigration protests; help a young lady out!):

From Newsweek:

"I don't know why you hate us," Guzman said in the video. "Why do you hate us?"
"Because you're Mexicans," she responded.
"Because we're Mexicans?" Guzman said. "We're honest people right here."
"Yeah, rapists. And animals," the woman said. "Drug dealers."

As you can see, that lady clearly said she hated him for being Mexican, accused him of being a rapist, and also a drug dealer. Unbeknownst to that racist lady in the video, Mr. Guzman has never been convicted of rape or drug dealing, and also recently graduated from college -- at the excellent Cal Poly, if that makes a difference and probably doesn't -- and likely has his shit together far better than she does. It was obvious that she had no fear he was about to become a bodice ripping savage and try to feed her meth while yelling at her in Spanish, so, really, did she have any actual reason to bother this hardworking gentleman?

The fact that she was bothering him with the dedication of a troll on a bridge proves something entirely different than the "Mexicans are scary drug dealing rapists!" narrative with which she came into that encounter. Instead, it just proves she had absolutely no fear that he would do a damn thing to her white ass while she insulted and harassed him and HIS MAMA on CAMERA. My assessment is that she felt damn proud of herself for unleashing her racist MAGABEAST on an innocent man and his poor mother who are working their fingers to the bone to try to scratch out a piece of the American Dream for themselves. They are literally making their own bootstraps while this Trump-loving weirdo runs free waiting to stalk unsuspecting brown people. But, don't call Trump voters racist!!! That would be uncivil.

Somehow the pundits who are all breathlessly opining about how shameful it is that liberals are NOT CIVIL ENOUGH seem to miss the fact that DARK PEOPLE get treated like shit everyday by REPUBLICANS. This American racist woman literally name-dropped Trump while she was racially targeting and abusing this family. WILL ANY OF THEM MENTION THAT FACT?? I wonder why we never see new those civility loving pundits buying smelling salts when immigrants are hounded by MAGA Trolls in public places. Maybe all of the pundits who are so aghast at the very idea that Americans are responding negatively to Trump officials because of how they treat immigrants can find a better way to use their time. Like actually defending the oppressed. Would be nice.

June 30 is right around the corner, and there are more than 130 immigration rallies planned nationwide. Plus, Kenidra's on how high school gun violence is killing black kids. Let's rally at BOTH.

[Newsweek/Yahoo Finance/The Project for Women/CNN]

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