Bored Wingnuts Invent 'Pastor Problem' for Obama Because Hey, Why Not, Nothing Else Is Working


Hide the children, cover your ears, and run for the hills, becausethis is the absolute worst thing that has ever happened. TRIGGER WARNINGS!!!!!!!! for President Obama doing something even worse than winning the presidency -- twice!

President Obama attended an Easter service with his family today at St. John's Episcopal Church near the White House, and the Pastor delivering the sermon at the service veered into political territory when he slammed the religious right for living in the past and lionizing "the good old days."

That sombitch went to church? On Easter Sunday? With his family? IMPEACH!

Oh, wait, that's not the horrible part. This is the high crime or maybe misdemeanor:

The sermon at the service, delivered by Dr. Luis Leon, an Episcopal pastor who delivered the benediction at Mr. Obama's second inauguration, took a turn for the political when the pastor decried those who wax nostalgic about the way things once were.

Oh, hell to the no he didn't! The pastor preached hippie commie homo feminazi liberalgenda gobbledygook on JESUS'S BIRTHDAY? In church? On Easter? IMPEACH that guy! Although maybe we should see what he said before we rush to judgment?

"I hear all the time the expression 'the good old days'," Leon said. "Well, the good old days, we forget they have been good for some, but they weren't good for everybody.

"You can't go back, you can't live in the past," he added. "It drives me crazy when the captains of the religious right are always calling people back...for Blacks to be back in the back of the bus, for women to be back in the kitchen, for gays to be in the closet and for immigrants to be on their side of the border."

Oh God, even worse than we thought! That's just how Hitler got started too. And the president sat there with his family and listened to the whole thing and didn't -- not even once -- stand up and scream "YOU LIE!" or "Segregation forever!" or "God hates fags!" or anything Jesus-y like that? The nerve of that president. IMPEACH!

Good thing Fox News is on the case, rallying the wingnuts to the cause of being super outraged. As Media Matters tells us:

Based on reporting on Leon's Easter service sermon, Fox Nation claimed on Monday that Obama has a "pastor problem" [...] Other right-wing blogs similarly claimed that Leon is controversial, going so far as to compare him to Jeremiah Wright.

Ooooooh. Jeremiah Wright? That America-hating America-hater? They have so gotcha, Obama, and you're not going to hope-and-change your way out of this one. You may as well just resign right now because there's no way you can possibly explain away attending the same church where all the other presidents have done their prayin' but as white presidents so it's totally different. You cannot pal around with the exact same pastor who is apparently best buds with former President George W. Bush, had dinner with him at the White House where they told ghost stories and braided each other's hair, and even gave the invocation at Bush's second inauguration and expect to get away with it. Who do you think you are -- some kind of president of the United States or something? IMPEACH!

[CBS News/Media Matters]


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