Borf You


* All the poor guy did was vandalize a little property and now infamous DC street artist Borf has $12,000 in legal fees to pay off. This weekend and next the Borf Brigade will be exhibiting work at the Bobby Fisher Memorial Building to try and raise the cash. You should probably go to this and buy something, lest you be a douchebag or, perhaps, a police officer. Opening reception tonight. Free or maybe there's a cover, 6pm at 1644 North Capitol St. NW. [BORFyou]

* Wolfgang Tillmans will be hanging out at the Hirshhorn After Hours party celebrating the opening of his exhibit there. It's a cash bar but still worth it, probably. [Hirshhorn]

* KRS-One, legendary MC, the motherfucking essence. $12, 9pm a the Black Cat [Black Cat]

* "Too Young To Die" is a film about two old people who fall in love and, for some reason that isn't entirely clear, it was banned in Korea. We sincerely hope that it has nothing to do with anything even mildly sexual. [Smithsonian]


* By way of scraping the bottom of the barrel, Robert Dallek has written a book about how Nixon and Kissinger would fight when they weren't busy blowing each other. Free, 6pm at Politics and Prose [P&P]

* "The Runner" is a 1985 Iranian film, regarded by as a classic by whoever is out there seeing lots of Iranian films. It's about a boy who is dealing with the war, and we're sure there are plenty of universal themes are parallels to the today's Mid East cluster fuck. Free, 2pm at 1050 Independence Ave SW. [Freer Gallery]

* Local group Let's French plays a show to celebrate the release of their first album which means tha -- wait. What have they been selling at their merch table this whole time? With These United States and Death by Sexy. $10, 9pm at the Black Cat [R&RH]


* Please your inner redneck at the Joint Service Open House and Air Show, during which the air force and, we presume, some other branch of the military will show off some of their hot, flying hardware, reminding how much you liked Top Gun and how you wish Tom Cruise was more like Maverick instead of being batshit out-of-his-mind crazy. Free, Andrews Air Force Base in Camp Springs, MD. [JSOH]

* Pretty Girls Make Graves is breaking up and this will be their last show in DC forever. You will never have another opportunity to see them. Ever. Until your dead. $13, 8pm at the Black Cat [Black Cat]

* As we understand it, Pas De Dirt is some kind of dance thing that is happening at the National Building Museum that involved dancers and construction equipment and maybe some kind of hippie dancing circle. Free, 2, 3 and 4pm at 401 F Street, N.W [NBM]

* There is intense buzz about Martha Raddatz book The Long Road Home, a book about Iraq culled from this Newsweek correspondents 13 trips to Iraq. It's about to come out and she will read from it and talk about it and all of that at Politics and Prose. Free, 5pm. [P&P]


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