Boston Manhunt Ends Without Need For Waterboarding Or Wayne LaPierre

OK, Wonketteers, what seemed extremely unlikely has actually happened: Johnny Law has captured Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing, and they did so without having to torture anyone, disregard the Constitution, or rely on a self-appointed army of Barney Fifes to do it. And since he was captured rather than shot down, there is at least some hope that there will be some answers to some of the questions raised by the week's events. Frankly, we can even say we are relieved that he is alive and subject to criminal prosecution, which we suppose means we are once again shilling for child-killers.

There's plenty to talk about, and of course plenty to come. (And by "to come," we mean "Emerson students, tonight." Regardless of the consequences.)

For example: Has the suspect been Mirandized, therefore depriving Liz Cheney of her right to interrogate him enhancedly? We don't know! The news, for a change, has been contradicting itself! But the latest seems to be that the Ortiz exception for public safety has been invoked. Which won't make us lose too much sleep tonight -- at least as not much sleep as the Boston Public Defender's Office will probably lose. Man, those guys have their work cut out for them!

In any case, this very successful law enforcement operation is almost certainly proof of Obama's failures as a leader, don't you think? And just imagine the possibilities for more screaming if an imam is invited to speak at a multifaith memorial in Boston? Already we've had this bit of wisdom from a man that some people thought would make a hell of a good President -- deftly replied to by Obama campaign staffer Greg Greene:

We also are reading plenty of reports of attacks on Muslims, because of course we are. Might we suggest that maybe the best way to remember 8 year old Martin Richard is to assume that his message here includes EVERYBODY?

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