bowling.jpgWe asked you people how you thought Lucky Strike's local media bowling challenge would play out and have received...well...let's call it "many" predictions:

The reporters from the Post will cheat, then write a thousand word rumination about falling standards of integrity in the bowling world.

George Will, in the end, is too blue-blooded to deign to be caught bowling, even at Lucky Strike.

The staff of the Washingtonian just won't be able to get over how fun! and original! and cheap! this sport is! They will decide to go bowling several times a year, and always in the exact same way.

Dana Milbank bowls a 75, because he is a pussy.

The Examiner's will be escorted out of the bowling alley when no one agrees to vouch for whether or not they are a media outlet. [I'd be surprised, actually, if they could deal with a game that requires them to use a black ball to knock over white pins. --Ed.]

The Washington Times staff will get drunk, then start suspiciously eyeing any hispanics working at the alley.

and of course, Cokie Roberts will bring her own ball, natch.

Wonkette's predictions, after the jump:

Jason Cherkis will gesticulate wildly and loudly rant about how blogs and the staff of The Believer suck, but it's all just a distraction -- if you watch close, that little prick is altering his scores.

Mark Halperin will name The Note's team, "The Crying of Lane 12."

The DCist team will be forced to agree in advance that any winnings will be immediately rendered unto Jake Dobkin and that DCist's contributors will be held responsible for the loss of any trophy or prize during shipping. Oh yeah. I went there.

WAMU's Kojo Nnamdi will be denied entry after showing up in a Gilbert Arenas jersey and a skullcap that reads "Pledge Week Pimpin'".

And of course, Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts will laugh and smile and have a wonderful time doing one more thing Richard Leiby was too stuck up to attempt.


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