Boy-Molesting Priest Also Giuliani Consultant

A face only an altar boy could love ... well, not really, cuz it's rape - WonketteCross-dressing thrice-married abortionist Rudy Giuliani is building a "dream team" of consultants that so far includes a diaper-wearing hooker-fucker in New Orleans and a coke-dealing state treasurer in South Carolina. He seems to be lacking a pedophile on his team. Any possibilities out there?

How about a "Catholic priest accused of sexually molesting boys and who also was the lawyer for a now-closed Whitinsville counseling house for troubled priests that has been described as the center of a pedophile sex ring," would that work for Rudy? Why yes, yes it would!

Monsignor Alan J. Placa works for Giuliani Partners, annulled Giuliani's first marriage, baptized two of Rudy's kids (and we hope that's all he did to Rudy's poor kids) and was even the priest at the funeral for Rudy's mom.

Placa is a "childhood friend" of the ferret-hating fascist. But Rudy must've distanced himself from the accused child molester once the charges were made public and Placa was "stripped of his duties" as a priest, right? Right?

Ha ha, of course not. Placa was outed by Newsday in 2002, and it was after Placa's alleged crimes were known and the multi-million-dollar lawsuits were filed and the criminal investigations began that Rudy hired his buddy -- Placa has been taking a paycheck from Rudy for five years now.

Placa is best buds with another hundred or so child-molesting priests in the New York region. They're a great bunch of guys and really represent what religion is all about: Fucking children in the ass.

We've got to hand it to Rudy G. As one of the most despicable people on Earth, he has surrounded himself with utter monsters, from Bernie Kerik to this loathsome pedophile. He should be president of a prison. You know why he was so "successful" fighting organized crime in New York? He just hired the entire mafia as staff.

(Hat Tip to Jewschool.)

Giuliani has connection with accused priest [Worchester Telegram & Gazette]


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