Braggy Iran Is Really Not Doing Itself Any Favors By Possibly Exaggerating How Dangerous It Is


  • The US and Friends disagree over how many nuclear warheads, rounded to the nearest jillion, Iran is building right now. Israel's estimate is quite a bit higher than that of the US, which doesn't think Iran could make a single warhead even if it wanted to, which it does. [New York Times]
  • Plus, unless Iran says it's cool with letting weapons inspectors come check out just how many weapons it's incapable of making, the US will FORBID everyone on Earth—LOOKING AT YOU Hong Kong and Dubai—from donating to Iran's nuclear wish-list. [Washington Post]
  • Barack and Michelle Obama are very committed to playing with awesome lightsabers for as long as it takes until Chicago wins the 2016 Olympics. [CNN]
  • Najibullah Zazi, America's famous captured near-terrorist, will be arraigned this morning in New York, where he will be charged with trying to blow it up. [WSJ]
  • Almost 300 people have died or gone missing during the Philippines' terrible flooding. Ugh, and there are literally two more storms on the horizon. [AP]
  • Guinea soldiers engaged in horrible violence, rape, murder, etc. towards Guinea protesters, killing 87 people. Oh yes and also all this happened in a major sports stadium. [LA Times]

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