Like so many bloggers before him, Colorado college newspaper editor David McSwane had run out of bad things to say about George W. Bush. Facing a deadline for his column, he broke down and published his four-word masterpiece that managed to boringly combine an already boring "Don't Taze Me Bro" catchphrase with the boring-since-the-Florida-recount "Fuck Bush" catchphrase. But instead of being fired for this ancient sell-by-date sloganeering, young McSwane became a hero to millions of people who are probably already saying "Go Ron Paul!"

Yeah, the entire column consisted of "Taser this: Fuck Bush." Neat.

On Thursday, the Colorado State University board of decision makers met to decide McSwane's fate. And they ruled that even though turning in four words by no means meets even the most liberal definitions of "turning in a column" -- it barely qualifies as a blog post -- he can still keep his job.

Innocent college Republicans who had never heard such language before were so outraged by his dumb slogan that they whined and complained and basically acted like a bunch of douchesacks, as usual. As a result, local businesses reportedly canceled advertising in the little student paper.

McSwane is currently fielding job offers to be an unpaid blogger at Democratic Underground and Daily Kos. His new column, "Chimperor Fuckface is a fuck," will appear next month, on his Facebook wall.

Editor Keeps His Job After 'Fuck Bush' Column [CNN]


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