Brave Congressman Admits He's Not a Perv

Rep. Harold Ford tearfully concedes that his interests are as pedestrian and suburban as a normal human American: He is apparently a single man who likes girls and football -- whatever, perv! -- and enjoyed attending a party where both were celebrated, even if he originally denied it.

Next thing you know, he's going to admit to liking Budweiser and hot dogs. Sicko.

Come on, Harold. Congressmen are supposed to have gay sex with children, beat up drunk gals, marry into Latin American dictatorships, live with their same-sex chiefs of staff, strangle their mistresses, murder their enemies and take millions in bribes from Indian casinos. If you don't have what it takes to be a congressman, you sure as hell don't have what it takes to be a senator.

Ford confirms Playboy party: 'I like football and I like girls' [Raw Story]

Ford says he did attend Playboy party at Super Bowl [The Tennessean]


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