Brave Michigan City Councilman Under Fire Just For Waving Poster Of Obama With Spear Through His Skull


Sterling Heights, Michigan is one of those blandly Caucasian suburbs filled with cul-de-sacs and Applebees franchises. Local wits are known to on occasion refer to this community as “Sterile Heights” or “Sterling Whites.” So one shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Sterling Heights City Councilman Paul Smith not only thinks some modern-day Robespierre should cold kill President Barack Obama for being worse than Hitler, buthe has the guts to say it.

Below, please find video of a 2009 Tea Party rally in Troy, and Smith waving signs showing former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm in a noose and Barack Obama with a spear through his skull, with the legend "shit on a stick."

"Hitler was a terrible guy but at least he wasn't a traitor to Germany," Smith said. "Obama is a traitor to America."

But here’s the really surprising part, you guys.

After this tape was discovered, all the other Sterling Heights City Council people said they’d like to get rid of Paul Smith just for saying Barack Obama should get speared in the head for being worse than Hitler!

That’s how deep this conspiracy goes. The Islamic-Marxist George Soros-funded Kenyan brownshirts have clearly infiltrated the Sterling Heights City Council to stop brave Paul Smith from speaking truth to power. Literally, there can be no other explanation.



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