Brave Newspaper Press Operator Will Stop 'Muslim Fundamentalist' Barack Obama

Meet the NYT's new conservative columnist.

At the Ottawa Herald of Franklin County, Kansas, even the guys who work the newspaper printing press can write a column for the "op ed" section. And proving once again that small-town papers are like blogs without the quality control, pressman Gary Sillett contributed a terrific "community viewpoint" about the upcoming presidential election.

"To elect Barack Obama to the highest office in the land would be nothing less than spitting on the graves of the victims of 9/11," Sillett wrote last week. You know you want to read the rest.

It seems like everybody would enjoy a column in a community newspaper about how Barack Obama is a "Muslim fundamentalist" and how "The Democratic Party actually intends to put a Muslim fundamentalist in the White House."

But, after printing the whole insane thing in the actual paper, the Ottawa Herald editors got scared and put an Editor's Note on the web version: "Some portions edited from original print edition." You know, like this part:

Some Web sites suggest Obama will not recite the Pledge of Allegiance. He refuses to wear an American flag lapel pin. He will not face the flag during the playing of the National Anthem nor will he sing it or even mouth the words.

Luckily for us, the editors were too stupid to remove the entire retarded text from appearing when you click to read the comments. Within a few days, somebody will figure out how to remove that version, too. So, for the sake of American Freedom and Preserving the Historic Record, here is the entire insane thing:

Don't betray your heritage for Obama's 'change'
By GARY SILLETT, Community Viewpoint

A couple years ago, President Bush thought it would be a good idea to turn over control of one or more vital seaports in the continental United States to an Arab-owned conglomerate. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth including from me.

How could this be? we asked. In the aftermath of 9/11, as we now remember it, that would be like handing the keys of New York City to Osama Bin Laden. I believe there are some of you who remember who he is?

The hue and cry was deafening. To suddenly find our seaports our points of entry, our gateways to the world in the hands of Muslim fundamentalists was not only abhorrent, but also frightening. Even with countless reassurances from Bush administration officials, Arab corporation executives, et al, there was no convincing us this was a good idea for us or for the future of America. That dog don t hunt.

Well, now comes another bad idea ... maybe even worse. The Democratic Party actually intends to put a Muslim fundamentalist in the White House. Yes, you read it right. They want to put a man of Muslim origins in the White House.

Barack Hussein Obama hit the campaign trail from nowhere and continues to gain momentum as his political handlers crank out generic catchphrases to lure the unsuspecting voter with words like hope and change.

Now there s nothing wrong with hope or change. It has been our tradition as a nation that when we get tired of something or someone, we exercise our constitutional rights and throw them out. That's why we asked our representatives for term limitations. But to even consider turning over the reins of government to a Muslim fundamentalist would be, as my grandmother used to say, throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Some Web sites suggest Obama will not recite the Pledge of Allegiance. He refuses to wear an American flag lapel pin. He will not face the flag during the playing of the National Anthem nor will he sing it or even mouth the words. [Editor s note: Other reputable Web sites refute each of those claims and show Obama leading the Pledge of Allegiance in the Senate.]

I know, there are some of you out there right now who are ready to say these are only symbols: Icons of days gone by; Relics of the past. You want change. We should all remember that these relics, symbols and traditions are not just representative of some coffee clache or sewing circle. These are traditions handed down from father to son, mother to daughter. They represent the deep-seated patriotism that brave men and women have given their lives to uphold for more than two centuries.

To elect Barack Obama to the highest office in the land would be nothing less than spitting on the graves of the victims of 9/11, as well as the memory of the countless thousands of American loyalists who have pledged and given their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor in defense of those tired old symbols and icons of the greatest nation on earth. In many cases, these things are all that is left to families of American heroes who heard the call and stepped forward and defended not only their heritage, but the legacies of millions in foreign lands.

Hold fast to these symbols and icons, I say. Hold them up every day and pledge that they are still important to us all. Keep reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Sing the National Anthem. Place your hand over your heart in remembrance of all those who gave their lives so that we all may do so. Remember that they are the very fabric of which our nation is made. Our flag is not just a symbol. It is representative of our soul as a nation. It embodies all the hopes, dreams and aspirations of those who have gone before us, those who are defending freedom today and those who will choose to do so in the future.

Beware of wolves in sheep s clothing, it's been said. Don t betray your heritage simply for the sake of change. Heed the voices of your fellow Americans, past, present and future who call upon you to uphold the principles of the United States and protect them from pretenders like Barack Hussein Obama.

Gary Sillett is a Princeton resident and a pressman at The Ottawa Herald.

(Thanks to Wonkette Commenter PeteJayHawk for finding this important contribution to American Letters.)

Don't betray your heritage for Obama's 'change' [Ottawa Herald]

Don't betray your heritage for Obama's 'change' [Ottawa Herald: Censored Version]

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