BRB Throwing All The Money At Awesome AZ Congressional Candidate James Woods

Are you ready to fall in love? Get yourselves good and ready, because we'd like to introduce you to your new favorite congressional candidate crush, James Woods. No, not the jerkface actor. This James Woods, the genuinely progressive Democrat who is running for Arizona's 5th Congressional District:

I have a vision for an America in which government is a Progressive instrument of the people used to empower all of us to live in safety and happiness. To succeed, we must ensure equality of opportunity for everyone. When anyone is denied full inclusion in social and civic life, it degrades our economy and takes a terrible toll on our communities. I support policies that safeguard equal treatment, protection and opportunity for everyone.

Sounds pretty good so far, right? Well, you may want to sit down because you are about to swooooooon. Woods believes that reproductive healthcare is a "basic human right," which "includes contraception and abortion coverage." And he's not just blowing smoke. He recently received a survey from the National Pro-Life Alliance, one of those "pro-life" groups constantly fighting to pass Every Sperm Is Sacred laws, asking him to pledge his eternal devotion to the "sanctity of life." This was his answer, with an enclosed gift to really drive the point home:

Thank you for taking the time to write to me about your anti-abortion stance. While I cannot support policies that jeopardize the health and stability of women and their families, there are many measures that I do support that are proven to quickly enhance the well-being of women -- and to significantly reduce abortion. These proven pro-family, pro-woman initiatives include: promoting sexually healthy, knowledgeable and responsible communities beginning in our K-12 schools; expanding publicly supported family planning services including universally accessible birth control for all women; and strengthening government empowerment programs for low-income women and their children.

I look forward to working with you to promote policies like these that support our families -- and that quickly, safely and dramatically reduce abortion.

Are you in love yet? Of course you are, but here, have a cherry on top:

We must continue transitioning toward a system where everyone is completely covered and has access to comprehensive healthcare. It is time for single-payer universal healthcare coverage.

Why is that so important to him?

A month before my 27th birthday, I was hospitalized for a rare illness that nearly killed me. I didn’t have health coverage. I survived organ failure and amputations. While my medical team fought to keep me alive, my vision started fading. On a Monday I told the doctor that things were starting to look dim, and by Friday I never saw again. I ended up on dialysis and even spent time in hospice. I would not be alive today without all the people who invested in me. You invested in me through your contributions to government programs like Medicaid, Social Security Disability and Nutrition Assistance. My dad invested in me and became my caregiver. And someone I never met gave me a new chance at a healthy life through organ donation. After all of that generosity and support, it's time for me to start giving back.

James Woods is exactly the kind of person who should be in Congress. He supports net neutrality, "explicitly promoting anti-rape positions and policies," marriage equality, secular government, scientific literacy, "an immediate end to the criminalization of immigration," and on and on and on. Oh, plus, he's got a terrific sense of humor. Double swoon.

Basically, he is the ne plus ultra progressive. And he needs our help. He is running in a super red district and has almost no money at all. Which is why we need to show him all the love we can.

Please click here to send him all your monies. He needs it, and we need him.

[James Woods For Congress/Patheos]


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