Breakfast Brouhaha at G-8 Summit! Pics & Video!

Forget about weapons of mass destruction, avenging his dad against Saddam's assasination attempts, and his blood vendetta against Adam "Asshole" Clymer of The New York Times. No one--not even Ma Bush--gets between President Bush and the last chocolate-covered donut with the red, white, and blue sprinkles.

Via AmericaBlog comes stop-action footage of Bush confronting German leader Angela Merkel for snagging the last cruller:


Almost as embarrassing as the Leader of the Free World (and the Land of Donuts) struggling over breakfast pastries is the ease with which a German slips free of his Vulcan death-grip. Expect renewed attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan from whatever No. 2 of al Qaeda is calling the shots as a result of this display of Dukakis-level weakness.

Go here for video.


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