Breaking: Bush Appointee May Have Been Unqualified

Either this man's dead or he's had premarital sex. - WonketteIn a hilarious, madcap mix-up, the Bush administration accidentally appointed an unqualified quack who lied about his credentials and experience to the Department of Health and Human Services as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population Affairs, or the "birth control czar." Dr. Eric J. Hackenbush Keroack has a few important words for you regarding your uterus.

Though he has no formal research credentials, Dr. Keroack has lectured widely from a PowerPoint presentation that uses Loony Tunes characters to illustrate his theory that premarital sex damages the female brain, making non-abstinent women incapable of forming emotional bonds.

Keroack did quietly resign in March, sadly. His replacement, a grinning man-child in a fright wig carrying an enormous pair of scissors and a large bulb horn, refused to comment.

Heckuva job? Bush Administration vaunted bogus credentials for birth control czar, records show [Raw Story]


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