BREAKING: Clinton White House Portrait Missing?

Have You Seen This Painting?We're getting reports that all of Laura Bush's lovely Christmas decorations may have bumped some of the White House's usual art out of the building. Like the official portrait of Bill Clinton. A Wonkette operative writes:

A friend of mine just got the chance to get a White House tour, and she really wanted to see President Clinton's portrait close up. She couldn't find it, and an usher quietly told her that it had been taken down to make room for Christmas decorations. But there was Bush 41 and Reagan still on the wall.
We understand keeping Reagan up there -- you can't take his painting down, he's dead. And we're sure there's a reasonable explanation for why Clinton would get the hook. We just don't know what it is.

Anyone with more information on this pressing matter of great national significance -- or guesses on exactly where they put Bill in the interim -- please feel free to give us the scoop at tips AT wonkette DOT com.

A Season Of Merriment And Melody [White House]

[Bill O'Leary/Washington Post]


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