We were told a couple minutes ago to turn on C-SPAN because McKinney was finally breaking her week-long media silence to SPEAK PUBLICLY about the incident, but as soon as we turned it on, there was an old guy from New Jersey babbling about productivity growth... so, we're assuming we didn't miss too much, but it's just more proof that you never know when C-SPAN's gonna be awesome for a minute.

Anyway, it was a bad night for Cynthia. Grand Jury convening, possible indictments (return of the damned "ham sandwich" line, no doubt), and more fall-out from her Soledad O'Brien interview (in McKinney's defense -- and only because Soledad O'Brien makes us want to punch through a wall -- it is sorta reasonable to not answer specific questions about an incident you might be indicted over). Then there's her fellow House Democrats...

Arriving on the floor yesterday afternoon for a series of votes, McKinney had earned pariah status. Several of her Democratic colleagues turned their backs or moved away when she approached, carrying her infamous cellphone and a bottle of Dasani water. Ignored by several colleagues, she stood alone in the back of the chamber for several minutes until rescued by Reps. Bernard Sanders (I-Vt.) and Maxine Waters (D-Calif.).

Oh, right into the open arms of Bernie Sanders. He does seem like a decent sort. We understand the whole "embarrassed" thing, but still -- if Duke Cunningham walked into the House chambers right now, we're pretty sure half of the Republican delegation would greet him with European kisses and boxes of chocolate. You punch one cop in this town...

All Eyes On the Hammer, Until the Hairdo Steps In [WP]

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