stormie janzen stormy jansen thong.jpgEarlier today, to paraphrase Sisqo, we asked you to "let [us] see that thong." We requested a screen capture of the infamous photograph showing Senate staffer Stormie Janzen's bare-midriff-cum-thong.

One of you kindly complied with our request. We have posted this photo to the left, for your viewing pleasure.

Yes, the pic is tiny; but beggars can't be choosers. And yes, you can barely see the vaunted thong; but isn't reduced visibility the whole point of a thong?

After all, the telos of the thong as an undergarment is elimination of the dreaded visible panty line ("VPL"). If the curve of the thong seems to disappear as it asymptotically approaches the line of Janzen's jeans -- well, it's just doing its job.

And so are we, in blogging so extensively about this ridiculousness...

(On a completely unrelated note, but while we have your attention, be sure to check out the first edition of Chatology: Digesting the Sunday Spew -- featuring the one and only Ana Marie Cox!)

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