Breaking Down The Norm Coleman Family Vote On A Possible Run For Governor


Norm Coleman isjust weird: "MINNEAPOLIS - Former Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman says his family voted 3-1 against him running for governor, so he will not join the race." Thanks for the final tally, Norm. Glad to know democracy is still practiced in some households these days, like when a father can't make up his mind about whether to seek employment. SO WHAT'S INSIDE THESE NUMBERS?

We believe the voting broke down like so. (If it's wrong, Intern Riley gets fired five more times.)

Laurie Coleman (the wife who lives in Hollywood): No.

Jacob Coleman (son): YES! "[Norm] tells The Associated Press his 23-year-old son wanted him to run..."

Norm Coleman (The One): "...but that he felt he couldn't step away from his family for 10 months to conduct the campaign." No.

Sarah Coleman (daughter): No.

"He says he reached the decision during a family dinner Friday night."

Jus' like you 'n' me 'n' the common folk would reach them decisions, a-yuk a-yuk.

Coleman says he believes he could have won a Republican primary for governor, and that he's not endorsing any Republican candidate for now.

Umm so yeah, I could definitely run and win, but like... it'd just be such a hassle. And the family. So not worth it. (Would totally win though.) (Just sayin'.)

Coleman: Family voted against Minn. governor run [AP]


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