roadshed.jpgYes, yes, pilots still insist on taking the sky, and submarine captains continue to opt for traveling underwater.

The story itself (which actually has a sadly coherent headline) is about how Americans are all so excited about skyrocketing gas prices that they're consuming even more gasoline than last year.

Americans love gas so much, they want to pay even more for it!

The average price that drivers said would compel them to significantly cut back on their driving was $4.38 a gallon. In the western United States, where gasoline prices are typically higher than in the rest of the country, the average respondent said the price would have to hit $5.12 a gallon.

Of course once gasoline does hit $6/gallon, Americans will all sell their cars, just like they did when gas hit the previous tipping point of $3!

Don't worry about getting to work, you can take your new unicorn!

Tipping-Point Shock [WP]


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