RCuz I'm a big tough guy who is all arrogant, that's why! - Wonketteep. John Murtha's moment in the national spotlight came and went about a year ago, if we recall, but that didn't stop the American Spectator from posting a hard-hitting in-depth Murtha hit piece today ... about the 1980 "Abscam" scandal. Six congressmen and a senator went to jail for taking bribes. Something to do with Arabs, or creating jobs. Who knows.

The problem with these stories is you've got to explain the entire goddamned history, which not even political fanatics who followed it at the time are going to remember 26 years later. And then 2,000 words later, you get around to the "meat," which in this case is so freaking boring we are actually nodding out while typing this post. Oh, and there's an hour-long surveillance video, too.

The Revelation: Even though John Murtha didn't take a bribe and was videotaped in 1980 saying he didn't want a bribe, he may have implied something else. Also, so pushy and arrogant! Defending his lack of interest in bribes, Murtha says, "I expect to be in the fucking leadership of the House." OMG!

Murtha and the FBI: The Director's Cut [American Spectator]


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