So the only news about it that we can find at the moment seems to be at "Atlanta Progressive News," and the very first sentence in the article seems to not actually be a "sentence" the strict grammatical sense, but it looks like Cynthia McKinney is planning on challenging the results (or, as APN calls them, the "so-called results") of the primary election that she lost. Donzella James, who lost in the first primary round (WHY OH WHY DO THEY HAVE SO MANY ROUNDS OF PRIMARIES, LORD) had already filed a lawsuit challenging her so-called results, and McKinney may join or offer a friendly hand to Jones's suit.

The lawsuits revolve, perhaps unsurprisingly, around the electronic voting machines in use in Georgia, which had been the subject of yet another lawsuit, from an outfit called VoterGA. That earlier lawsuit had not delayed the election, though:

Because VoterGA's lawsuit did not seek to stop the Primary specifically, attorney Walker Chandler said at the time, "Georgians are going to have to hope and pray for fair elections." Hopes and prayers do not appear to have been enough.

While we pajama-clad unshaven non-Georgia-living non-house-leaving bloggers obviously have no idea whether Georgia voters were jacked on Tuesday, your guest blogger must admit to being freaked out by electronic voting machines. I used to live in California, where voting consisted of poking holes in a little piece of paper, and if that's good enough for the third-world hellholes you see on TV, it ought to be good enough for me. When I moved to Maryland, all of the sudden the only evidence that I had actually voted (other than the sticker) was a series of BOOPS and BEEPs that sounded like a Nintendo Entertainment System, circa 1986. I don't trust any electronic voting system that can't provide at least 16-bit graphics.

Also, continued McKinney involvement in the political process = UNENDING HILARITY. So we say: go, Cynthia, go! More on this story as it gets picked up by other outlets, possibly "Atlanta Reactionary News."

BREAKING: McKinney Pursuing Legal Challenges to Elections in Georgia [APN]


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