BREAKING: Novak No-Show

Bob Novak apparently just walked off the CNN stage, yelling "This is bullshit!"

Drudge's account says that it's because host Ed Henry was going to ask about the Plame investigation, but emailers say the current topic was -- of all things -- Katherine Harris's make-up:

Novak, while addressing Katherine Harris' "makeup-gate", became visably upset at interuptions from Carville, said "This is bullshit" and then stormed off of the stage of CNN's "Inside Politics".
Well, you know, that's a sensitive issue for him. It takes a lot of make-up to cover the scales.

UPDATE: We just saw the clip. It's here. "Bullshit" comes through loud and fucking clear, and it is actually definitely in reference to Carville yakking. Maybe the mere thought of being asked about the Plame thing got him rattled. Please note who hasn't wanted to tell Carville he's full of shit?


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