BREAKING: Novak Takes His Lack of Balls and Goes Home

That Is Bullshit Screenshot of the Douchebag Diva doing his thing.

Clips, again, is here. Storm begins with the dropping of the barnyard epithet at minute 3:07.

UPDATE: Media Matters also has the clip.

UPDATE: Moved the rough transcript after the jump. Off topic but we can't resist wondering about this comment from Novak:

a lot of my trouble in the world is they've doctored my makeup and the colorrized me in a lot of newspapers on my picture. i sympathize with her.
Bob Novak's image problems come from people Photoshopping him? Really? Not from the whole "ratting out my sources and shilling for the administration" thing? Really?

UPDATE: Does this mean that MSNBC will give Novak his own show?

UPDATE: Yet another place to see the video.

A rough transcript:

ED HENRY: katherine harris went onto the house of representatives. now she wants to move over to the united states senate. today she got the news that the speaker of the florida house won't challenge her for the republican nomination. she is blaming unnamed newspapers for tarnishing her image by doctoring her makeup with photo shop. that computer program. bob, have you been investigating this story?

BOB NOVAK: no, but i've had the same experience that she did. a lot of my trouble in the world is they've doctored my makeup and the colorrized me in a lot of newspapers on my picture. i sympathize with her.

HENRY: who did it?

NOVAK: i can't tell you.

JAMES CARVILL: yeah, the two happiest people in america today about this decision is bill nelson and jay leno. i mean --

HENRY: bill nelson the democratic senator.

CARVILLE: and jay leno. they're going to go nuts over this. they're messing with my makeup. you don't know who it is. i mean, let's say this. she's going to be good for the humor circuit and the speech circuit. she's good for a lot. i think that nelson, it's no secret the white house wanted the speaker to run. i suspect the nelson people are feeling pretty good here today.

NOVAK: a couple of points here. the first place, don't be too sure she's going to lose. all the establishment's against her. i've seen these republican -- anti-establishment candidates do pretty well. ronald reagan, i guarantee you the establishment wasn't for him. we just elected a senator from oklahoma, senator tom cole bert, everybody in the establishment was against him. she might get elected. [CROSS TALK]

NOVAK: let me finish what i'm going to say, james. i know you hate to hear me

CARVILLE: he's got to show she is right wingers he's got backbone. show them you're tough.

NOVAK: i think that's bull [didn't know automatic transcribers censored themselves!] and i hate that. just let it go.

And then, well, he leaves. Carville and Henry, I suppose to their credit, continue the interview as though nothing happened... Henry ends with this:
thanks, james, and i'm sorry that bob left the set a little early. i had told him in advance we were going to ask him about the cia leak case. he was not here for me to be able to ask him about that. hopefully we'll be able to ask him about that in the future.
We await CNN's statement on when, exactly, Bob will be invited back.

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