Somebody get this freakin' duck away from me! - WonketteThe "best political team on television" has come to the remarkable and controversial conclusion that George W. Bush is in the final two years of his second term. As a result of this stunning research, CNN asks a question that rattles the very foundations of our elderly and disheveled democracy: Is Bush a Lame Duck?

To support the very act of raising such a hot-button question, the teevee reporters have assembled shocking polls that show Bush is very unpopular. But how can we be sure that it's okay to wonder if Bush is, indeed, a Lame Duck?

"A lame duck president is someone who in our recent history is in his second term. ... He doesn't have the clout to influence the Congress, to assert himself that effectively, even in the conduct of foreign policy, because people know he is only going to be there another two years," said presidential historian and author Robert Dallek.
Well, what do you expect from the Main Stream Liberal Media? After all, CNN also suggested Our President was a lame duck in October 2005.

Is Bush a Lame Duck? [CNN]


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